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Found a sole proprietorship

We advise you and prepare all documents for you. With us you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and delays in the registration of your newly founded company from the very beginning. You bring the business idea, we take care of the rest!

Found a sole proprietorship

Start-up phase: Consider the following poins

Tips for the foundation of a sole proprietorship

As soon as the preparatory phase is completed, the foundation of your sole proprietorship can be carried out. Here are some points which you should consider.


Calculate an offer for the foundation of your sole proprietorship and enter the necessary data into our system.

Foundation sole proprietorship


In the next step, sign the required documents and have your signature certified.

Authentication sole proprietorship


No minimum capital is required when setting up a sole proprietorship.

Capital sole proprietorship

Entry in the commercial register

Send the commercial register application for your sole proprietorship back to STARTUPS.CH.

Entry in the commercial register sole proprietorship

Extract from the commercial register

Depending on the canton, you will receive the extract from the commercial register after approx. 2 to 4 weeks. At first it will be checked by STARTUPS.CH.

Extract from the commercial register sole proprietorship

Social Insurance

After entry in the commercial register, the OASI-compensation office will contact you.

Social Insurance sole proprietorship

Value Added Tax

After receipt of the extract from the commercial register, we will prepare the VAT registration for you.

Value Added Tax sole proprietorship

Promotional material

You can order your advertising material (e.g. business card) now and register the internet domain.

Promotional material sole proprietorship


If you need assistance with accounting or tax accounting, STARTUPS.CH provides you with a wide network of fiduciary partners.

Trustee sole proprietorship

Trademark protection

STARTUPS.CH helps you protect your company name and logo so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Trademark protection sole proprietorship

Download the checklist for the foundation of your limited liability company as PDF document!

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Download the checklist as PDF document!
Download the checklist
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Checklist sole proprietorship

What do I have to consider when founding a sole proprietorship?

Establish your own sole proprietorship in Switzerland

Company name sole proprietorship

Company name

The company name must include the family name, but the company name must not be deceptive or descriptive.
Entry in the commercial register sole proprietorship

Entry in the commercial register

Entry in the commercial register is voluntary up to a turnover of CHF 100,000. However, it is recommended in any case to make an entry in the commercial register. The extract from the commercial register is very useful: e.g. for opening a bank account, opening a post office box or safe deposit box, in international trade, for your own telephone connection and much more.
Pension fund withdrawal sole proprietorship

Pension fund withdrawal

The following points must be observed when drawing pension funds: You must be able to credibly demonstrate to the relevant compensation fund that you are becoming self-employed. To do this, you must fill out the enclosed AHV form and enclose suitable evidence such as three offers to potential customers, three invoices already issued to customers and a business plan about your project.
Sole proprietorship

Our tip

For the pension fund withdrawal, you prepare a nice dossier with all the forms and documents. It is advisable - if possible - to make an appointment with the competent authority and bring the dossier in person or present yourself to the compensation fund in person. Experience has shown that this leads to the authorities having more confidence in your project and your application having a greater chance of success.

Save time and concentrate on your core business -  with STARTUPS.CH

Would you like to set up your own sole proprietorshipr?

Concentrate on the core business of your entrepreneurial existence! We support you in all matters and help you from the very beginning with the foundation of your sole proprietorship. With us you save time and money!
No minimum capital is required when setting up a sole proprietorship. You can finance the start of your self-employment by making an advance withdrawal from your pension fund. We will assist you in making a decision during a consultation and will then help you with the foundation.

Without withdrawal pension fund

Would you like to set up your sole proprietorship without an advance withdrawal from the pension fund? With us you can set up your company quickly and safely. This gives you more time to build up your business. You can calculate a non-binding offer here conveniently online.
Without withdrawal pension fund

With withdrawal pension fund

Withdrawal from the pension fund is only possible when a partnership is formed (sole proprietorship, general partnership, etc.).  You must also be able to prove that self-employment is your main occupation.
With withdrawal pension fund

Still undecided?

Are you still undecided about which legal form is the right one for you? Here you can find a detailed overview of the various options available to you and their advantages and disadvantages.
Overview legal forms

Found a sole proprietorship with our packages

The start-up packages of STARTUPS.CH at a glance

Would you like to set up your own sole proprietorship? We will advise you and prepare your documents. Below you can see the STARTUPS.CH foundation packages at a glance. If you have any questions, please contact our Costumer Care Center.
Contact within 48h
from CHF 199.-
Company incorporation without consultation
Selbstständigkeit Firmenname
Check of the name and purpose of the company
Selbstständigkeit Dokumente
All company documents related to incorporation
Selbstständigkeit Bezahlung
Online payment only
Contact within 24h
from CHF 449.-
Company incorporation with personal consultations
Selbstständigkeit Leistungen
All services included in the Basic package
Selbstständigkeit Beratungsgespräch
Personal consultation concerning your company incorporation
Selbstständigkeit Mehrwertsteuer
VAT registration
Selbstständigkeit AHV-Formular
Advice and control AHV form
Selbstständigkeit juristische Dienstleistung
Voucher for a legal service
Selbstständigkeit Businessplan
License Business Plan Software
Selbstständigkeit Buchhaltung
12 months accounting software SAGE Start
Selbstständigkeit Vertragsvorlagen
Access to more than 200 contract models
Selbstständigkeit Bezahlung
Invoice payment possible
Kontaktaufnahme innert 24h
ab CHF 899.-
Firmengründung mit priorisierter Behandlung
Selbstständigkeit Leistungen
All services included in the Business package
Selbstständigkeit Firmengründung
Priority treatment of your company incorporation
Selbstständigkeit Steuererklärung
First private tax return with declaration of the newly founded company
Selbstständigkeit juristische Dienstleistung
Voucher for a legal service

Set up a sole proprietorship now and start your own business!

Start your own business now and become independent with our clever packages!