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About sole enterprise

What is a sole enterprise?

A sole enterprise (also called sole proprietorship or one-man business) is usually engaged in trade, manufacturing or commerce business and has no legal personality. This legal structure is often chosen by young entrepreneurs wanting to establish a small business on their own. Everyone can start up a one-man business any time and start working right away. No dedicated seed capital is needed. However, the proprietor is liable for debts incurring from the one-man business with his personal assets.

Advantages and disadvantages of a sole enterprise


  • Few formal business requirements
  • No minimum capital
  • No corporate tax payments


  • Personal liability of the sole proprietor
  • Poor credit-worthiness
  • Other persons can not participate

Overview of legal forms

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What do I have to consider when setting up a sole enterprise?

The most important points that have tob e considered when setting up a sole entreprise in Switzerland are:

  • Business name:
    The name of a sole enterprise must include the family name oft he owner, with or without first name, as the essential content (e.g.: Miller Clocks).
  • Cost of foundation:
    depending on offerer CHF 700-1'200 (excl. commercial register entry)
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Q & A

Use of your pension fund

In order to make use of your pension fund, there are few important things to consider:

First of all, you have to prove to the competent social security office (SVA) that you are a self-employed person. It is necessary to fill in a form and submit additional documents as appropriate means of proof, e.g.:

  • At least three offers to potential customers
  • At least three invoices to customers
  • Your professional business card
  • Your professional letter head
  • Website of your business
  • Business plan
  • Signed contracts (e.g.: lease of an apartment)

Tip: It is recommended to prepare a decent dossier containing the above documents and schedule an appointment with the social security office in order to submit it in person. In this way, the chances are higher that the social security office (SVA) will approve your self-employment status.

We suggest contacting STARTUPS.CH. to make sure that you will not have any problems with the social security office (SVA).

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